Frappe_docker Getting Started giving 404 page not found

Running on Windows 11 or mac osx both produce the same result

git clone
cd frappe_docker

cp example.env .env

Setup ERPNext using containerized MariaDB and Redis with Letsencrypt certificates.

mkdir ~/gitops

# Generate YAML
docker-compose -f compose.yaml \
  -f overrides/compose.erpnext.yaml \
  -f overrides/compose.mariadb.yaml \
  -f overrides/compose.redis.yaml \
  -f overrides/compose.https.yaml \
  config > ~/gitops/docker-compose.yml

Start containers

 docker-compose --project-name erpnext-test -f ~/gitops/docker-compose.yml up -d

404 page not found

try this

or follow this issue