Frappe Docker with custom app for HRMS. Invalid file path: item-dashboard.bundle.js

A custom frappe docker built along with HRMS, when installed on a site throws Invalid file path: item-dashboard.bundle.js error. This happens when we access the Items.

The Standard frappe docker with erpnext is working perfectly fine.
However the problem is when we build custom app with HRMS.

I tried both the standard way for custom app
Also tried custom_frappe_docker as suggested by @revant_one
Both the methods comfortably built the custom images.
I was able to spin containers and sites.

But getting the below error

Corresponding console error

Also BOM view blank like below: Note this is not the case with docker without HRMS

Corresponding Console error

Please have a look at the images created under this repository

Need advice from experts

try to build nginx image like this: images/frontend.Dockerfile · main · castlecraft / CEPL ERPNext Images · GitLab

Thanks @revant_one. This solved the issue.
Your docker threads are very useful. We have faced lot of issues upgrading traditional VM based frappe and ERPNext. Containers are way forward.

I shall contribute to the documentation to add few more details.

There are still some opens issues with HRMS
Some might encounter this while you build custom app with HRMS.
tagging the other issues.

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