Frappe/ERPnext install on Scientific Linux 7

Why is Scientific Linux 7 not supported by

When I run the following command on my SL7 System I get:

> su -c "python --develop" frappe
Sorry, the installer doesn't support redhat 7. Aborting installation!

Since SL7 and CentOS7 are clones of RH7 and the scrip supports CentOS7 I do not see any reason not to support redhat 7.

I am going to modify the following function in to allow redhat 7 and report back my findings:

def check_distribution_compatibility():
    	supported_dists = {'ubuntu': [14, 15, 16], 'debian': [7, 8],
    		'centos': [7], 'macos': [10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12]}
    	dist_name, dist_version = get_distribution_info()
    	if dist_name in supported_dists:
    		if float(dist_version) in supported_dists[dist_name]:

    	print "Sorry, the installer doesn't support {0} {1}. Aborting installation!".format(dist_name, dist_version)

    	if dist_name in supported_dists:
    		print "Install on {0} {1} instead".format(dist_name, supported_dists[dist_name][-1])

If anyone has tried this already and ran into issues, please let me know so I don’t mess up my system.


This is a rabbit hole that should not be considered unless you have a good understanding of the systems that will be implemented. While I did learn a lot about the frappe framework and install scripts I was not able to get it working properly without rewriting 30% of as the install script wants to update the repo every time unless run in a test mode.

When run in the test mode parts of the productions environment are not setup. On top of that ansible and python report the OS differently (redhat/scientific) and systemd on SL7 uses mariadb.service and not mysql.service. However a mysql.service start script was install using a so it can be stopped properly by the scripts.

Needless to say I am not pursuing this any further.

BUT running the scrips with the modifications obviously install some dependencies that were breaking the standard bench install so I went back and tried again and was able to get a demo site running through bench.

Overall not to happy with how the scrips assume that there is nothing else running on the machine and broke my other services by blindly overwriting config files (although the nginx.conf was backed up) and causing me to have to go back and reconfigure nearly all important services on my system.

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I guess this is the first time someone has requested this! You are welcome to add SL7 to the install script and send a pull request.

Sorry about that. It is clearly mentioned in the easy install README that this is an opinionated install.

Yes I did see that it was my fault for running it on a production server at my small business.

However, after the dependencies were installed by my modified easy-install scripts, bench installed and configured properly (the first bench errors I could not figure out). Now that I have played with bench a little bit I recommend it over the easy-install scripts.

I am currently evaluating ERPnext for my business and if I find that it will work for me I will be creating a rental module for it that I will make open source. Also I will take a look at the bench dependency scripts and make sure they work for SL7 as that is the platform I use the most.

Thank you Frappe/ERPnext teams for all the work on this project.

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Awesome! Will be happy to help when you need it :slight_smile: