Frappe/ERPNext is getting a new design?

Came across this image, and was like WOW… Is this going to be the new UI for Frappe? Would love to see this coming soon.


Excellent theme.

I’m curious where you found this? It looks amazing!

Wow! I want this! :heart_eyes:

Yes it look good. Can we get some colour option in this design?

Oh! Instant cupid hit… the UI is excelled… so much better. I like the information side panel

it is coming in version 14?

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you touch a pain point for all ERPNext lovers, you know they compare odoo and ERPNext and they are saying odoo have better interface imagine.

plz share more information on this new theme

Whoa !!!

This appears to be an old conceptual mock-up made by the people who did the UI refresh last year. It looks nice, but it doesn’t really reflect ERPNext’s architectural structure. There are some nice changes coming to workspaces in v14, but nothing like this.


Where to check these out ?

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The mockup @hashir provided is so much more intuitive and clear. I would love to see an update to the current UI. ERPnext’s functionality is very powerful but the UI can be still fairly overwhelming and clumsy. Even from the limited feedback from the community here, you see the longing for a clearer interface (although I admit that it was already a great leap forward going from V12 to V13 in terms of UI - that doesn’t mean Frappe should stop here).

EDIT: To be honest, I was a bit disappointed reading your explanation that it was just a mockup. Already put a lot of hope to get a more intuitive UI. My team keeps complaining how confusing the current UI is.

The easiest way would be to spin up a development server.

I would frame things very differently.

The interface that exists is actually quite good…given a fundamental design constraint: everything is generic. Manufacturing looks and works the same as HR, and both look and work the same as Healthcare. Workspaces, list views, and form views have no domain specificity. There are advantages to that, but also disadvantages. The organization is more organized around data structure than workflow.

The mockup above, in contrast, is very domain-specific. It knows that recruitment is something that happens in “rounds”, consisting of sequential steps that get scheduled for specific dates. The view presented draws on multiple different doctypes and tools, focused not on the underlying data structures but the way people work and the information they need at particular moments. There’s no one-size-fits-all here. This interface works great for recruitment, but you’d need something completely different again for payroll (let alone manufacturing).

When developing Frappe/ERPNext, the maintainers have always taken a “framework-first” approach. As a consequence, this kind of domain specificity has tended to be a low development priority. I agree with that approach, but I also understand why people want more tailored interfaces. That’s great. From a technical standpoint, this is exactly the kind of stuff that the community best positioned to develop independently. Especially with the routing and rendering improvements coming in v14, UIs like this are plug-and-play.

Edit: for anyone interested in rapid deployment of custom UIs, this is exciting: GitHub - frappe/frappe-ui: A set of components and utilities for rapid UI development


Nice appearance :heart_eyes:

Any news about this?