Frappe/Erpnext: New App and Module not visible

I followed the guide at “
and created a new app, a new site and installed the new app in the site.

When I log in to frappe, I cannot see the default module of the new app on the Desktop and not under “Show/Hide Modules”.
When I enter the name in the frappe search bar, it suggests “Open [MODULENAME]”, but if I click it, I get an error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/", line 55, in application
    response = frappe.handler.handle()
  File "/home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/", line 19, in handle
  File "/home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/", line 40, in execute_cmd
    ret =, **frappe.form_dict)
  File "/home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/", line 896, in call
    return fn(*args, **newargs)
TypeError: get() takes exactly 1 argument (0 given)

How can I set this up correctly?


Did you try adding “developer_mode”:1 under the site_config.json file?

Hope it helps.