Frappe/ERPNext will have a major update next week! (v11)

After much anticipation, Frappe/ERPNext v11 will finally be merged into master branch on Tuesday next week!

A changelog and detailed instructions for following scenarios will be posted on the forum next week:

  • You want to upgrade to v11 from v10 (master ==> master)
  • You want to stay on v11 (staging ==> master)
  • You want to stay on v10 (master ==> v10.x.x)

A special thanks to all the contributors who work hard to make Frappe/ERPNext a fantastic product!


It would be great if someone can post a fool-proof way of disabling bench auto-update for Self-hosted installations. This will allow some time to safely migrate or for some cases prevent migration altogether.

If below part of instructions is going to cover it, please allow some time to act before actually merging.

:+1: for the decision to merge.


Do you have a specific date? I need to install a new instance so I need to know if I can wait for it.

Tuesday next week = 2018-01-29


yeah! great news! I’m eager to try that officially!

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EDIT: 2019

Well Happy to hear that.

I believe you can accomplish this by running:

croontab -e

and commenting our the first two lines in the file. (at least I think that would do it in v10)

Hope this helps…


@snv how long do you think the staging branch will be more or less in sync with master after the merge? I believe it’s beneficial for people who are on staging at the moment to not wait too long to migrate to the new v11 master after the release. Is this correct?


I just got this notification on my installation. Why does it say “beta” in the name?

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Hi beta refers to pre-release software that is recognized as buggy and consequently under test by users Software release life cycle - Wikipedia

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I meant if this is an official release, why have I been prompted about a release which is marked beta. Or is the notification I received unrelated to the official V11 release?

Beta releases are always shown, but release notifications in general are only shown when you’re logged in as a sysadmin. There’s definitely some room for improvement in the feature.

this is not the actual release as of the issue of this Topic. Wait till you see the notification of the official release being posted here on the forum.

Yeah, those on staging just need to change branches without the risk of major upgrade issues. Subsequently, staging will probably not be updated. But those on staging can switch whenever suitable and update to the latest master.

bench config auto_update off

To learn more, check for example this reference Localhost auto update?

And the bench help system is also worth exploring too
‘bench --help’ is also ‘bench config --help’


Thanks for your replies @clarkej and @bkm.

I was referring below post before commenting here:

So what I understand is that crontab will run even after auto_update is disabled from bench. But it will check common site config and skip update based on flag set there. A fool proof way would be to remove the job crontab itself.

I discovered that the auto-update is already broken on our servers as the job is unable to find path of bench(sample below from auto_update_log.log). Its been so for all installations we did in past one year. We use easyinstall scripts.
/bin/sh: 1: /home/frappe/frappe-bench/env/bin/bench: not found



There’s a major changes in HR module in V11. I’m just wondering what will happen if I update to V11 from V10. Will I be able to maintain all the current structures and other settings in HR?


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I am currently using version 11 beta and i upgraded from version 10. One of the major change i noticed with regards to existing data is salary structure. All salary structures are now submitted and locked which means they can’t be modified (at least i haven’t seen any info about being able to modify a submitted salary structure).

Another major change is you now assign salary structure from a separate doctype as against adding employees from within the salary structure itself.

There are new features added to the HR module which improves it overall so in my opinion it is worth the leap.

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Thanks for your feedback. Let’s see what happens! Excited!

Sorry to hijack here folks - ‘not found’ is an easy search clue @VamYip no?