Frappe Field as a "Tab Field" instead of "Table"


I wanted see if anyone worked on creating a new Frappe Field Type – “Tab”
Where each Tab contains the form for a Child Table.
In other words if a Table has 4 lines same data with a Tab Field would have 4 Tabs

With Table you have to Edit the line to see hidden fields etc.
If each Tab shows all the fields it may work better for some applications.
Instead of “Add Row” button this would have “Add Tab” button


What happens if the child table has 100 rows. Does it mean 100 tabs will be created?

Both Table & Tab Field types have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Table Field Type:
Maximum 10 columns
Can have many rows.

Tab Feld Type:
Entire Child DocType Form can be shown – many fields
limited Tabs can be visible at a given time based on screen size

For your question I have 2 options:

1- If you ever opened too many tabs on a browser you can see that
browsers show only so many tabs next to each other but then you can slide the tab section left and right to navigate the hidden tabs. If you have an Excel file with too many sheets too…

2- Also on some browsers: at the end of the tabs section there is a button that if you click it opens a list of hidden tabs in a list format so that you can scroll down to select a hidden tab to show.

By the way I have not seen many child windows with 100s of rows.
I am not saying it is impossible but very rare so it may be ok to limit the tab count if we want to…

Thanks for your interest