Frappe Framework Enhancements

Inviting developers to create roadmap for framework level enhancements -
Here are a few -

  1. Reports - Dynamic Reporting (with group by), charts creation
  2. Reports - Hierarchical Filtering (eg. Warehouse, Item group, Sales team)
  3. Kanban board - with drag feature to change status or field. (inspired by odoo)
  4. Proxying fields from one doctype on another one (like contact details on another form/doctype… you can only have readonly fields, that are real table fields and not automatically updated when source doctype is edited…)
  5. Conditional workflows based on fields
  6. Ability to Automate workflows based on triggers

Awesome! How about adding GitHub Issues and starting pull requests. Will be happy to pitch in when I can.

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Here my ideas:

  1. Doctype inheritance
  2. Group by (with multi level) on edit tables (example be able to group by a field in item table of a quotation)
  3. Add contrast in base theme
  4. Enhance user experience
  5. Multi doctype workflows (be able to design a process workflow for a company)

I know, some of this are really challenging.
I can detail better my ideas if you liked to.


Those are all good ideas. I really like the one about reports. Having the ability to create custom reports in the platform with a “report builder” feature would be huge. Right now I am having to build reports externally in jasper reports and ms excel. I know if you are a “coder” you can create your own reports, but most administrators like me are not.

I also created a number of git issues awhile back that I would like to be considered

I was looking over some git issues in the erpnext repo and I think they might be more frappe related. File security is an area that needs some attention as well.

At the framework level, one of the enhancements I’d like to see is a link docfield that can accommodate data that occurs in many-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many types. The Frappe team has nailed the one-to-one link and being able to trigger on that opens up a lot of possibilities; this request is a superset of that.

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Reports Pleeeeaaasssseeeee! :grinning:

The current report builder is nice but only works with a single table (DocType). We can build more useful and meaningful reports via sql queries and scripts but ONLY if we are not hosted on FrappeCloud. I think this is a very big disadvantage and probably one of the most significant drawbacks to hosting on FrappeCloud

Having a more dynamic report builder that can work with multiple tables and filters would make a world of difference!



Hierarchical user Permissions -
Possible solution →

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