Frappe Gantt Size bigger!

Hello, thanks for creating this awesome tool.
I installed Frappe Gantt, i followed the guide:

Added the frappe-gantt.min.js and frappe-gantt.css, then add a div class:
<div class="gantt-target"></div>

And added the javascript:

var tasks = [
id: ‘Task 1’,
name: ‘Redesign website’,
start: ‘2016-12-28’,
end: ‘2016-12-31’,
progress: 20,
dependencies: ‘’

  var gantt_chart = new Gantt(".gantt-target", tasks, {
  	on_click: function (task) {
  	on_date_change: function(task, start, end) {
  		console.log(task, start, end);
  	on_progress_change: function(task, progress) {
  		console.log(task, progress);
  	on_view_change: function(mode) {


Actually the gantt works, fine, everything. But my “div” container looks weird, very small…

How i can remove the right bar, and only leave the bottom bar, and make it bigger??
Any idea??

upp, still need some help!!


You might have set width and height to the container. Increase the height to remove the horizontal scroll bar.