Frappe HR is live!

We made an announcement about separating the HR module in July and here we are making the biggest announcement. For those who missed the conference last week, Frappe HR is now live :tada:

Got an opportunity to present with @rucha_mahabal and showcase the power of our HR application at the ERPNext Conference 2022. The aim is make a world class Open Source HR application.

Not just that, we are also coming up with a mobile version

For more details, checkout our website and start your free trial now

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Track the progress of the project on GitHub - frappe/hrms: Open Source HR and Payroll Software


Mobile app or mobile compatible?


@Reema_Mehta Please release mobile apps also!

This is going to be a mobile app.


When FrappeHR mobile launch?

Awesome. Looking forward to the Mobile version :fire:

I have long been wishing for “Hourly Leave” capability, please please look into it :sweat_smile:

+1 on that


Which technology do you plan to use in the mobile app?

I am asking, because we are working on a universal app framework for Frappe based on React Native that could allow code sharing on mobile and the web, and would love to cooperate.

We already have a PoC where we use a React WYSIWYG editor to define simple pages with React Native components that work on mobile and the web without changes. We have the WYSIWYG editor integrated into the Frappe Admin UI.

Kind regards,


Excited to see and waiting to use FrappeHR mobile.