Frappe HR module installation

when i am installing frappe using “bench get-app hrms” its installing but when i am migrating it on site then its not visible in site.

i tried many time but hrms module is not visible in Frappe site

Hi @Prashanth_Kolhetkar,

Please build the app and again migrate the site.

I’ve shared a suggestion:
If you’ve installed ERPNext in version 15, make sure the hrms is also in version 15 to prevent errors.

If the hrms is in the development branch, switch to it:

bench switch-to-branch version-15 hrms

If you’ve uninstalled or installed the app, do this:

bench get-app --branch version-15 hrms

This is because the hrms app has a version 15 branch.

I hope this is clear and helpful.

Thank You!

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$ bench --version

$ bench version
frappe 15.x.x-develop
hrms 15.17.0
erpnext 15.20

when i am using “bench --site [my site name ] install-app erpnext” then its saying "you are attempting to install erpnext verion 15 in frapppe version 16


@Prashanth_Kolhetkar, please try below command and change version according your need.

bench switch-to-branch version-15 frappe erpnext --upgrade


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Thank you Suresh

Thanks to all for proper guidance to fix the issue