Frappe HR v15 release

Frappe HR v15 is out now! :tada:

Since February 2023 (v14 release), there have been 805 commits by 19 contributors out of which 14 are new contributors! Congrats and thank you to everyone involved! :tada:


Full changelog:

Breaking Changes

There is just one major breaking change: ERPNext separated Loan Management into a separate app: GitHub - frappe/lending: Open Source Lending software

So this is a soft dependency for Frappe HR for anyone who uses loans in payroll. Check the migration guide here: Migration Guide to Frappe HR version 15 · frappe/hrms Wiki · GitHub


If you find any issues, report them on GitHub: Issues · frappe/hrms · GitHub

Version compatibility

Frappe HR v15 is compatible with Frappe & ERPNext v15, following the same major version numbers.

Note: Frappe HR Mobile App (PWA) will be available in v15 by the end of November 2023

See it in action

We talked about the new updates + Frappe HR Mobile App. Check the video here:

Here are some screens from the mobile app for reference (if the visibility is low in the video)


Will v15 change the icon of Navbar in ERPNext? After I installed v15, navbar-brand became:

<img class="app-logo" style="width: 28px" src="/assets/hrms/images/frappe-hr-logo.svg">
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So framework fetches the last app_logo_url from the hooks as a fallback if you haven’t set website settings

Maybe it should always show the Frappe logo as a fallback irrespective of what apps are installed. We will see what can be done

Same for the Logo at the login page.

Just uploaded that file as Navbar Icon and Website “App Logo” and evertything is like before.

Thank you @rucha_mahabal :two_hearts: and freppe team for your constant efforts… and your development of the open source community… you are our inspiration :tada:

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