Frappe installation version 10.x.x

How to install frappe bench version 10? When i followed the documentation the version which was installed was 11.

After installation and before create a new site you can change apps version with this command :

bench switch-to-branch v10.x.x

It will update frappe git and erpnext git.

you can control you are in the right branch with this commands :

cd apps/frappe
git status
-- You should see the branch version 10.x.x
cd ../erpenext
git status
-- You should see the branch version 10.x.x

If it’s not the case you could run these commands :

bench switch-to-develop
bench switch-to-master
bench switch-to-branch v10.x.x

With this it will correct all your git config and origins

When you change your branch apps you could have issues with existing sites so it’s simple to run this before create a new site.

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I found the easiest solution in another post linked below. It gives you the additional switches to add to the easy install method to force it to install that last v10 instead of the latest v11. See forum thread here:

Hope this helps…