Frappe KanbanBoard - Running Slow after few minutes of using


i am using frappe KanbanBoard, but after many opened documents (todos) frappe runing slowly. For example open 50 documents without page reloading, and then each click take one second, after some time (maybe 70 document) chrome showing me alert that Page Stopped responding. So user cant use system for example for 20 minutes without manual page reloading.

Can someone confirm this bug?

What can cause this?

Frappe Framework: v12.15.0 (version-12)

Can anybody help me?

I was digging in code and i think that this is caused by Fluxify storage in kanban_board.js. Is there way how can i remove / refresh kanban board storage?

Problem occurs when i have lot of items showed on Kanban View. For example when showing 150 items, in each click on item and comeback to Kanban View, page is loaded slower.

Can anyone who knows how this is working help with that?

Which machine are you running? Also is your site running in development mode or production mode?

Hi, i have two environments, one is vagrant in development mode on my Macbook. Second one is in production mode - Ubuntu with 2vCPU, 4GB Ram.

Are you running ERPnext or a custom app?

Hi sorry for late reply.

I tried it in both, erpnext and also in custom app.

That is utmost strange. Have you tried reinstalling a clean version of bench?

Hi, no i did not tried this. I think that this is not a solution. Thanks for your recommendation.

I think that there is problem in kanban script. I think that during kanban view rendering, there is some CPU consuming problem. Maybe there are listeners, which are created every time when kanban is rendered or something similar.

Problem is that i don’t know way how can i debug that. Thanks for any recommendation how can i do that.

I am facing speed/rendering lag issue with Kanban Board as well

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