Frappe last version & right to left problem

Hi all,
I have installed erpnext and frappe with production mode, and when i change the lang. from EN to AR, the directions still from left to right .

Is there a problem in the updates of frappe?


any help here plz?

This seems to be working fine in our test account. Can you please reload and check.

Thankx for replying @ArundhatiS

ok it worked for me as in the picture above, but I meant that the direction still left to right, for example the header above, it should be in the opposite direction as on the previous frappe as here:

Hello @ArundhatiS
How I can change the arabic font to another beautiful font? Can you advise or direct me from where I can do it?

from css in public file.
install a font and add it in the public folder then use it in your css file