Frappe LMS : workspace/ line 2: $'\r': command not found -- lms-frappe-1 exited with code 2

Hi Everyone,

found error while using LMS module (GitHub - frappe/lms: Easy to Use, Open Source Learning Management System) through docker.

issue is in file : / line 2: $‘\r’: command not found

and here is the file’s code : #!bin/bash

if [ -d “/home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/frappe” ]; then
echo “Bench already exists, skipping init”
cd frappe-bench
bench start
echo “Creating new bench…”

bench init --skip-redis-config-generation frappe-bench

cd frappe-bench

Use containers instead of localhost

bench set-mariadb-host mariadb
bench set-redis-cache-host redis:6379
bench set-redis-queue-host redis:6379
bench set-redis-socketio-host redis:6379

Remove redis, watch from Procfile

sed -i ‘/redis/d’ ./Procfile
sed -i ‘/watch/d’ ./Procfile

bench get-app lms

bench new-site lms.localhost
–mariadb-root-password 123
–admin-password admin

bench --site lms.localhost install-app lms
bench --site lms.localhost set-config developer_mode 1
bench --site lms.localhost clear-cache
bench --site lms.localhost set-config mute_emails 1
bench use lms.localhost

bench start

Request you to suggest solution as this is raised in **issues section ** in github 4 days back ( lms-frappe-1 exited with code 2)