Frappe-Manager: v0.10 - enable multiple Frappe instances simultaneously

:sparkles: Announcing a new version of Frappe-Manager — v0.10.x. Now, you can keep multiple Frappe instances running simultaneously :tada:

:warning: This update runs a migration internally, I recommend taking a backup of your Frappe instances once.

Please don’t hesitate to create an issue on GitHub in case of any bug

Update command:

pip3 install --upgrade frappe-manager

In case of failure, you can attempt a manual migration - Migrations · rtCamp/Frappe-Manager Wiki · GitHub

GitHub Repository - rtCamp · GitHub
New architecture - Architecture · rtCamp/Frappe-Manager Wiki · GitHub
Change log - Release v0.10.0 · rtCamp/Frappe-Manager · GitHub

Cheers :beers: