Frappe mobile app Removed from App Store!

frappe mobile app Removed from App Store !!!

@Ashraf_El_Sharqawy see this thread:

@flexy2ky I thought the Frappe Mobile app was actually something that was just released as a new mobile framework for app development?!?

We know the mobile ERPNext app has been is a state of disrepair for quite sometime and it was announced a week or so ago that it would go away, but the Frappe Mobile framework app was supposed to be the latest greatest thing to encourage mobile app development.

It would seem strange for it to suddenly disappear.


@bkm I share your sentiment as well and a native mobile app had the potential for improving an already outstanding product. But as expressed in the thread announcing deprecation of the mobile app, the Frappe team must have done a cost-benefit analysis of developing a native mobile app and decided against it.

Also considering that the latest iteration Frappe Mobile was developed by an Intern, it stands to reason that they would have considered the effort it would take to fully integrate all the features existent on the web app into mobile and decided against committing such resources to it as it would most look like a mobile rendering of the web app, which as was said in the thread, is perfectly functional on a mobile device’s browser.

Ahh… I had not read all of the posts pertaining to the original release of the Frappe Mobile framework app. I only remember it being posted as new and I thought it was actually a good idea at the time.

Thanks for clearing that up.


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Auto login is not working in your latest version.

Hi i see that when doing a quotation and when selecting the item it does not add the item name, description, etc…

Will you share your code?