Frappe.msgprint doesnt work

I am using following version of erpnext and frappe
erpnext 12.4.3
frappe 12.2.1
none of the error messages pop up.
Any solution ??

Hi @Aniket_Shinde1. It would be better if you will share your code so that we can identify the errors.

@Aniket_Shinde1 have you imported msgprint in the file and share the code…

I haven’t written any code . its not working in default erp installation

In which doctype are you expecting msgprint because msgprint are working in erp.

so scenario is
if some mandatory fields are unfilled in a document the error wont pop up
it just stays dumb and does nothing.
and its happening in all doctypes @arokia

@Aniket_Shinde1 Go to system settings, open the security details and check whether the below checkbox is checked or not. if not tick the box and check for mandatory fields.
Show Full Error and Allow Reporting of Issues to the Developer

We need more information…

The msgprint for the mandatory fields will occur only for events on the doctype, like when trying to save it.

Where are you expecting the msgprint from? Any custom script or default Frappe and ERPNext?

Msgprint may fail from the server side in case your socketio connection is broken

it was falling for default frappe and erpnext
it went away after running bench update
but couldn’t really figure out what fixed it.