Frappe native interface or Vue + FrappeUI?


In ERPNEXT you are using native interface of Frappe Framework.
But in FrappeDesk you are using Vue interface with FrappeUI.

So I’m confused… Could you recommend in wich cases better to use UI of Frappe Forms and wich - FrappeUI and VUE.

Thank you!

The default interface for Frappe (which is, unfortunately and very confusingly, also called “Desk”) is quite good at what it does, but it has limitations bourn from its design philosophy. Namely, everything has exactly the same interface. Sales Invoices look pretty much the same as Manufacturing Job Cards, and Webhook definitions look pretty much the same as Sales Tax Templates.

In very general terms, the interface is designed to accomodate data structure, not workflow.

With FrappeUI, you can design custom pages that bring together multiple data structures and present them however you want. In other words, you can create whatever kind of workflow you can imagine, with Frappe powering it on the backend. FrappeUI will always require custom development, but the results can be tailored very flexibly.


Thanks for the explanation.
I also didn’t understand why they had to choose the exact same name for the Help Desk software. This will be even more confusing for newcomers who cannot differentiate by context whether one is speaking about the framework desk or the help desk.

Huge thanks for brief explanation!
Unfortunately these aspects of creation Frappe application are pure documented. May be you can point on docs and materials that describes approach on creation custom interfaces with FrappeUI?

I think FrappeUI is still under development, despite it’s being used to build tools like Frappe Desk, Gameplan and others … Documentation, tutorials, etc … probably we’ll see this at the end of the road.

I have the feeling that new Desk (UI interface for Frappe) would be done with FrappeUI … It makes sense, and will be really good to framework growing.

The only docs I know are in the repositories …

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New docs about FrappeUI here:


This webinar could be useful :slight_smile: