Frappe on docker

I was wondering if someone can help me with setting up a docker for ERPNext.

I was able to set it up on a VM, but now I would like to switch to a docker. I have never worked with docker before so I dived into it and got to know the basics.

with I was able to set up a docker with erpnext on it. There were some errors on the way that I was able to solve, but when I tried to change from development (with “bench start”) to production (“sudo bench setup production”), I am getting errors that I cannot solve. For instance, I received a ‘Externally Managed Environment’ Error that I am not able to solve and internet is also not really helpful in solving this issue. Also, python3-venv does not want to install so I am also stuck on that.

It feels like I missed something or am doing something totally wrong, but I cannot figure it out. Would be nice if someone could help me out. Thanks in advance!

You’ll need to setup a production environment

If you run a single server and don’t plan to add more servers, go with docker compose setup

If you are a business entity with potential to add team and nodes, setup docker swarm or kubernetes.

Frappe docker has docs for single server setup

For docker swarm check and

For Kubernetes start with

To understand the setup go through

Okay thanks, I was using the wrong installations then.

What is difference between setting it up via the docker production setup and the classic frappe-bench approach?

Use what you’re comfortable with.

Difference is features and trade-offs that come with containers.

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