Frappe on windows 10

is there anyway i can install a frappe framework on windows 10 ? if there is a way can you give me a link to a tutorial how to do that ?

I think window 10 can’t install frappe framework by normal way, another way you can use Oracle’s Virtual Box

hope it can help you

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i already downloaded the virtual box but i dont have no idea how to work frappe through it

I don’t understand your question. But you can run http://localhost:8080 ?


Please mention what you have tried and what is not working for you. If possible add screenshots.
This will help community members to help you better.

switch to mac or linux … :grin:

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so it cant happen if i use a Linux virtual machine ?

try doing dual boot

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im installing ubuntu dual with win10 and hope it works

After looking at your discussion, I had downloaded the Oracle’s Virtual Box and installed it in Windows. I have downloaded the development image ERPNext-Dev.ova from the I have imported this ova in to the virtual box. Use the login and password as frappe to login to the system. Then follow the tutorial provided in Frappe Framework Tutorial.

Hope this can help u.