Frappe Password

I have install V4 (ERPNEXT &Frappe-Bench)
So while installing i got some errors regrading nginx…that i have solved but because of this error…Didn’t got the Frappe_Password.txt…Now my Application is running successfully but i need Frappe_Password…So how can i get these password or frappe_password.txt file

Is there a file?

No sir…!

How can i get it now…???

This seems to need an answer…

@camilopianos you can manually override admin password

sudo bench --site sitename set-admin-password newpassword

srajelli: not admin, frappe password

Is there a file?

This worked for me:
#sudo passwd frappe
2x Unix password
#su - frappe
frappe@erp:~/frappe-bench$ bench update

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I have same issue. But i don’t understand how do i get the frappe password.

sudo passwd frappe

2x Unix password

This is not works for me.

Any Update?

from an account with sudo privileges, type the following

sudo passwd frappe

then set the frappe user password to whatever you want

Thanks for update. It works for me