Hi all ~
I have a tough problem

bench console frappe.publish_realtime is not available. I suspect it is a development mode issue. The server is running in bench start.

I checked the relevant information, and maybe it can be used in production mode.

The question is is there any way to switch to production mode?

If yes, please reply.
And how do I know what development model Iā€™m in ?:joy:

@wuguanlin reading the docs and getting some clarity before you ask a question usually gets you more responses on the forum. Also, please remember to provide a clear set of steps that you followed and the errors you got for the same.

coming to your question, what exactly do you mean by bench console frappe.publish_realtime? what are you trying to archive here? what steps did you try and what errors did you get? posting error logs and screenshots help.

as per my knowledge frappe.publish_realtime does not depend on development or production setup in most cases.

also, please read this bench doc to learn more about production mode: Setup Production