Frappe | Python | Create a DocType like Interface, based out of the fields of a Doctype Object

I am currently working on a project based out of Frappe Framework(Python). The requirement is as follows:

  1. A DocType named Form, which has a table field type with field as DocField. Basically mimicking the DocType. This is named as form_fields
  2. The above Form stores, different form objects. Each object will be an individual form.
  3. Now comes the problem: Need to come up with an interface in Frappe which renders a create form(like DocType object creation), based out of the above Form’s fields ie, form_fields. All other functionalities similar to DocType needs to be implementd as well(update/clone/listing)

Need help with point 3.

Tried a few things for implementing point 3. I guess there is no straightforward way for doing this. Tried out VirtualDocTypes even though they are not used for this actually.

The basic question is "Need a provision to create objects(db rows) based out of

DocType objects

(as of now we are creating objects based out of DocTypes)"