Frappe School New Course: Inventory Management

Our Course on ‘Inventory Management’ in ERPNext is now Live on Frappe School…!!

When we think of Inventory Management, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Ensuring that there is enough goods or materials to meet demands without creating overstock or deficit, valuing the inventory, planning for future inventory levels and a lot more. Well, while you concentrate on growing your business ERPNext will help you manage, track, and control your stock effectively. This course will contain details on how we can manage our inventory in an efficient manner with the help of ERPNext.

You can check out the course here:

This course consists of the following chapters
1: Master Data Management and Setup
2: Inventory (and) Accounting
3: Opening Balance and Reconciliation
4: Purchase Receipts and Landed Cost Voucher
5: Stock Entry (Internal Transfers)
6: Delivery Note
7: Traceability of Inventory
8: Returns
9: Warehouse Management
10: Reports

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