Frappe SEO and use as a CMS?

I currently use Wordpress for most projects that need a CMS. However, I’m interested in using Frappe Framework for an upcoming project. This would be a business directory site, and as such it would need good SEO.

Is Frappe Framework suitable as a public-facing website CMS system?

Frappe is highly customizable and allows for the creation of robust data models, making it a good candidate for a business directory website where various types of data and relationships might be needed.

While SEO isn’t about the framework itself as much as how you use it, Frappe does allow for SEO optimization. It supports customization of meta tags, titles, and URLs, which are fundamental for SEO. However, you might need to manually ensure that all SEO best practices are implemented.

Website speed and responsiveness are crucial for SEO and user experience. Frappe is built to be efficient and fast, but like any framework, the final performance will depend on the specific implementation, hosting environment, and optimization strategies you employ.

Frappe has a growing community and a good amount of community support, plugins, and integrations available, which can be beneficial for extending the functionality of your site.

If you’re coming from a WordPress background, there might be a learning curve associated with Frappe Framework, as it involves working directly with Python and JavaScript. However, if you’re comfortable with these technologies, Frappe offers a powerful platform for building custom applications.

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