Frappe.set_route to new tab

Is there any way to open the frappe.set_route to new tab?

The use case is, I have created a custom script report and I’ve made the cell values clickable that drills down to another report using link_onclick and frappe.set_route in the formatter key in JavaScript.

The problem is, when the user clicks the back button in the browser, the original report is reset and the parameters are gone. The user then will again need to refresh and generate the original report which will take a while.

If the drill-down report is opened in the new tab, the original report will remain loaded in its own tab.

Any ideas?


Setting the frappe.open_in_new_tab prior to a set_route should do it.

frappe.open_in_new_tab = true;

ref: Search usages in source


Oh, it’s only on v14. Thanks anyway.