Frappe tutorial - web views - issue

Hello, I have recently started to check ERPNext and now I’m trying to understand Frappe before moving to the ERP.

I encountered a couple of issues in the web views section while going through the Frappe Tutorial.

  1. It’s missing images. :confused:
  2. I couldn’t change the web view as instructed. Did I miss something?

Now if you want to make a better list view for the article, drop a file called list_item.html in the library_management/doctype/article folder. Here is an example file:

Going through the source code specifically www/ I got some insights and put a new file called library_management/templates/includes/list/row_template.html. That seemed to work as expected from the tutorial.

Did I miss something, or was Frappe updated and changed how html is overridden?

Edit: add quote and improve readability.

Not sure what was the issue. But I would suggest go through this video tutorial on web views once:

Hello @KanchanChauhan, thanks for your answer.

I had already watched that series and although the generators seems to be one option of how to display items in web views, it is still a bit mysterious to me which are the possibilities and what are the advantages/disadvantages of each.

Anyway. Is it ok if I make a PR to fix the tutorial?

I have created issues and PRs on this:



Thanks for your contribution, we will review your PRs and then merge them.

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This issue is still open