Frappe.ui.form.make_control dosn't work on website

i can’t create date field using frappe.ui.form.make_control or even float field version 11

does any one know how to use datepicker in webiste www pages

I have the same issue anyone has the solution ?

I am also facing the same problem, Can anyone help here.

I simply write below code in my form JS file but still its not showing in website.

parent: $wrapper.find(‘.web-form-body’),
df: {
label: ‘Due Date’,
fieldname: ‘due_date’,
fieldtype: ‘Date’
render_input: true

i stoped using frappe ui and do the design in www as normal css js and jquery and html and call api , without using webform features . this is back in v11

i didn’t try new feature for frappe since we are now at version14 , but next days

hussain will demo that live using frappe ui . and build a whole full-stack web app