Frappe User Permissions Error


There seems to be a bug in the User Permissions system. I stumbled upon this when i was dealing with employee tax exemption declaration.

Firstly there was no access to payroll period for employee. So I gave read access to Payroll period for employee.

Now I had also given User Permissions for each employee for a specific company. Payroll period is linked to a company.

These are the payroll period and company setup -
Company - A | Payroll Period - A
Company - B | Payroll Period - B
Company - C | Payroll Period - C

Now when the Employee(from Company - A) goes in to fill the tax exemption declaration he is only able to see Payroll Period - A in the dropdown
Everything seems fine till here.
The problem starts when let’s say the employee tries to manually enter the values in the payroll period field. He types in Payroll Period - B in the field and hits save. The system is accepting the values even though that should not have been the case because this employee doesn’t have access to Payroll Period - B

The problem over here seems like there is no validation done for documents selected from dropdown which have a field that has restrictions set on it.

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Any update on this issue? I am also stuck with same issue.

My employees are not able to submit the tax declaration as well as proof

add your employee role to User permissions