Frappe v13 Menu Items

Hi Guys,

I’m developing a custom app with Frappe from scratch. In Frappe v13-beta I noticed some items are under different menus from the standard ERPNext installation e.g. Automation is under Tools while in ERPNext (v12) it is under Settings. Also, some Frappe doctypes which have menus in ERPNext are not visible in the beta version.

My question is, should we consider this as a (permanent) design change or is it still a work in progress pending v13 release? It will impact on how we organize menus in our custom app (like manually creating menus for not-in-menu Frappe doctypes).

Thanks in advance.


Since v13 is in beta there might be more changes till stable release but the location of menu items probably wont change as these are changed consciously.

But it doesnt matter much as you can customise the menu entries from the “Desk Page” doctype in v13 right from the site :slight_smile: