Frappe versus ERPNext

I have been using ERPnext for a while now and am wondering what the difference is between using ERPnext and the seperate Frappe applications.

For example, how is the accounting software in ERPnext different from Frappe Books?

Frappe Books is not built with Frappe Framework.

It is built with frappejs. It is not the same python framework used for ERPNext.

Django → Framework
Instagram → Application


Frappe → Framework
ERPNext → Application

This is a Simple Model Tech uses from long time now…

Thanks for your reaction. Is that the case with all the seperate frappe applications that they are built on frappejs: for example Frappe HR and Frappe healthcare?

Thank you for your response. I get that Frappe is the framework and ERPnext the application, but I mean specifically the seperate apps.

ERPNext has for example a HR module, but at the same time there is also a seperate Frappe HR application. I am wondering what the differences are between the frappe applications and the modules in erpnext.