Frappe web css missing

I have multiple-tenant server setup with two sites i convert from version 11 to version 13. one of my site loging screen is ok but the other one look like this:

When i look into the console > network tab in chrome i notice the css for one of the site is missing

I ran these command:
How to switch?
sudo bench switch-to-branch version-13 frappe erpnext --upgrade
sudo bench update --patch
sudo bench setup requirements
sudo npm cache clean -f
sudo npm install -g n
sudo n stable
sudo bench setup requirements
sudo bench migrate
sudo bench build
sudo bench restart
from my previous post How to swicth to v13

Still no success.
When i look at the url for the css i can see it coming from
but the other site does not have the url.
Can any one help me with this?

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