Frappe website item list loading problem

Hi All,

There is bit of issue with our frappe website

The item list or items are not getting loaded in UI.
These can be fetched via API calls, no issue in there.
Also when using these items in Quotation or other doctype these are searched properly.
Only pulling up this individual doctype is causing this issue.

Any help with be appreciated, thank you.

Can you try:

  1. Opening the browser console and checking any error messages which may be there?

  2. Go to home page, and access Item list via the awesome bar (Ctrl + G)

Can you share the observations after trying these out? Also are report and images views also working?

Strange. Is there an update available on FC you can use?

I’ve generally faced a blank screen on lists when trying to access directly via the url but works fine via awesome bar or links on the workspace.

It’s strange for us that only a handful of pages related to item are down.
Most of it works fine but the loss of the items page is completely debilitating.

Anyone else out there have any ideas?

We can see that the html has no body. The content is literally not being pulled by the website:

It is resolved, there was issue with client script.