FrappeClient Issue in API Calling

HI All,
Please help me to fix this issue which I have attached. No JSON object could be decoded.

By Sample Code:

client = FrappeClient(“”, “administrator”, “123456”)doc = {“doctype”:“My Test”}doc[“name”] = "Tests"doc[“email”] = "Tesss"client.insert(doc)

can you format this correctly?

client = FrappeClient("", "administrator", "123456")
doc = {"doctype":"My Test"}
doc["name"] = "Tests"
doc["email"] = "Tesss"

I think it is ok now.

Hi Thanks @rmehta and @ruchin78 for your reply.

Here I can’t find any difference which i have posted and from your reply. Please help me where it went wrong and which part i have to correct.

I did nothing, I just helped formatted the code for the ease of @rmehta as well as others.


Did you manage to solve this?