Frappeclient RPC

I’m trying to figure out the right way to call the various API helpers included in frappeclient.
I want to call the whitelisted function make_material_request but I’m not sure which of the methods (get_api, post_api, get_request, post_request) is the right one to use.
Also, I want to confirm that this function is looking for (1) a Sales Order docname (like “SO-0001”) and the params are a dictionary of any additional information I want to pass to it.
I’ve had success getting info out of ERPNext via FrappeClient but have only done set_value for populating data. If I can get this to work it’ll save me a lot of time.

Tyler, happy new year 2019!

Were you able to figure this one out, I am precisely wanting to know the answer to this question. More specifically, how to pass arguments to the function in the backend.

For everything else, it’s 42

I have no memory of what I needed this for, but this sounds like a promising solution:

I followed syntax and spontaneously solved my problem!

If you have a whitelisted method in a custom app named “hello” and the python file within it is “module1” and the method is named “test_method” that takes arguments data1, data2:

http://[SERVER ADDRESS]/api/method/hello.module1.test_method?data1="value1"&data2="value2"

Expect a response if there is a return argument in the method. The response will be formatted according to the data type you provided in the return statement.