FrappeJS, Vue and the future of Frappe Framework and ERPNext Frontend Technology


I would like to ask about the plans of Frappe Team regarding the future technology for ERPNext frontend.

Before you tell me to go to, it has been offline for weeks. Also, my question is very much related to ERPNext as well.

I checked out FrappeJS with its Vue based frontend, and I like it very much. I also noticed in Frappe Framework that there are already some Vue based components used.

Are there plans to incrementally transition Frappe Framework frontend (both the Desk and the “regular” Website part) to Vue?

I am asking about this for a couple of reasons:

  • First, I would actually like this very much. :slight_smile: I think Vue is a great framework, and it already has shown its potential with FrappeJS.
  • I am actually planning to create an alternative web frontend for ERPNext based on Vue Storefront Next (, Nuxt and a visual page builder (still evaluating options here, e.g. Vuse, or GitHub - fireyy/vue-page-designer: Vue component for drag-and-drop to design and build mobile website.). The backend would be of course standard ERPNext with the page builder integrated into the Desk UI.
    It would be great to know that this technology stack will be compatible (and easy to integrate) with the Frappe Framework and ERPNext in the future. I would even be interested in submitting this frontend to ERPNext for inclusion in the base product.

I am looking forward to any comments, especially from the Frappe Team. :slight_smile:

Best Wishes,


@rmehta Would you be so kind to comment? Thank you!

So, we introduced Vue in Frappe as an experiment. We built a couple of modules like Marketplace and Social and even some components like File Uploader. It’s true that Vue is a great library for building UI, but we realized that it will be too much work to convert every Frappe UI component into and still provide a backward compatible API for it’s numerous uses in ERPNext.
It’s unlikely that we’ll go full Vue with Frappe Framework / ERPNext.

Also, building a separate front-end on Vue shouldn’t depend on whether the Admin UI (Desk) uses Vue or not. You can go ahead and build your web frontend if it makes sense for you.

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your reply.

I understand that the frontend technology can be different from the backend, but in the case of the website module I am planning to integrate its editor backend with the Admin UI, so it can work together with the rest of ERPNext seamlessly, and I would like to use a single technology stack if possible.

Based on your description, using Vue in the admin UI is a possible option, just there are no plans to go “full Vue” in Frappe / ERPNext at this time.

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So any updates after 4 years

Yes, Check New Frappe apps build with Front end.
Checkout GitHub - frappe/crm: Free and Open Source CRM Solution to supercharge your sales operations