Free items after certain qty of purchase


i wonder how i can accomodate this ?

its great to have price list and pricing rules to give additional discount , but i want to give bonus item to customer that buy item X with 100 qty… i want to give 5 item bonus… how i can do this?

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There is no direct way to do this. Maybe a new feature request on GitHub.

i have a situation where

1- i buy invoice(purchases) with for an example (50,000USD) including item A(1000 Qty + 250 free) and item B(1000 Qty+ 250 free)
2- i get free voucher on specific items(maybe A only or B only or both) with rules

I must take free item with 10 days or it will be expire and other rules

my question is
how to track items( invoice one and free voucher one) ? does erpnext has this feature or not?
if not how can i implement it? guide plz?

Nope , you cant achive this… the only way to do it is just using product bundles…

thanks but product bundles do not solve it… it will make it complicated

dear any update on this

You can do it by easy steps:

  1. Add 2 fields in customize form in Pricing Rule
    1.1 Add Qty (add_qty) - qty of free items
    1.2 After Qty (after_qty) - certain qty
  2. Add only on row in python file pricing_rule/ in get_product_discount_rule:
    Overwrite the qty value to be:

Example: add_qty=1, after_qty=10
Now, if you write 10 in qty, the free item which will be added will be 1
If the qty 29 the free will be 2
If the qty 91 the free will be 9

You can enhance the customization by add feature “Is Add After” field (check)
To enable the calculation if the feature is checked

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