Free items on Invoice

We sometimes offer free items to our customers but we are unable to add it on the invoice as it does not accept two rows of similar items.
Please let me know how I can do this

Edit the description and add a “Free” or something - system will allow 2 items if their description is different

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Just tried it on the sales order. I get the message Item has been entered twice

Hey. I tried to reproduce this problem and ERPNext v4 allowed me to make an order with same item but different description.

Here’s such a record:

You will need to login into demo and then open the link.


Anand, I did that now and it works, but since i use a pricing rule where it gives a discount to a customer category, I am not able to over ride to 100% discount

Pricing Rule will not work in this case. As all the criteria are same for both items, pricing rule will be applied to both items. You can ignore pricing rule for the particular invoice by checking “Ignore Pricing Rule” checkbox above item table.

Hi Nabin,
Thanks for your mail. I dont see an ignore Pricing rule checkbox.
I uses a SO> Delivery Note> Invoice route.

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“ignore Pricing Rule” has permlevel 1, hence you need read and write permission for permlevel 1 to view/change it. In default permissions of Sales Invoice, Accounts Manager role has access to permlevel 1.
Hence, if you did not change the permission of Sales Invoice, you need “Accounts Manager” role to access “Ignore Pricing Rule” field.