Free Livechat integration APP - Community Feedback requested

@frahergal I see. Just wanted to mention that with XMPP it would be convenient for operators/support agents to chat using native desktop and mobile clients. For instance, at [Olark][1] they went this way. We are using their chat for our web-store and we really find XMPP compliance very useful.

And also that would be with truly open-source spirit :blush:


@vrms Yes, we want to hear the opinion of the community but also to prioritize with our needs and development ideas. So it will depend on complexity, our work load, etc.

@strixaluco I will have a look at it then! It looks an interesting approach :smile: Thank you!

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There is a new version of the Livechat APP available on our GitHub:

One of the main changes is the creation of a webpage that will act as the client side of the APP:

You can read the instructions about how to use it on the README file.


the repo does not exist anymore or its not public.

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I have the feeling that Semilimes has disappeared as quick as they have appeared on the scene somewhat

there is a fork of the repo existing (which might not contain the most recent code though, but maybe at least something to start with)

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Hey man, I am testing this software. I think it is simple and quite clear. I will tell you my experience in Coderbunker.


do you have any intention to revive this project and make it work/integrate with the core code? As far as I know this is not a finalized project and has been abandoned by it’s creators. I think a sophisticated chat functionality may be benificial to ERPNext, so if anyone would continue this it would serve a good cause.

As you are new to this community … generally there is a tendency to try to merge everything which is not complete niche functionality to the mainline codebase rather then maintaining many apps (quite the opposite approach then odoo).

I personally am undecided yet whether that’s the best way to go, but it’s the policy of the core team.

That being said … still separate Apps can exist, they will just not be available for users of the hosted ( instances and someone will have to maintain them so they’ll be working continuously.

EDIT: by the way … this is the original developer, if you want to get in touch frahergal (Francisco Javier Hernández) · GitHub

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