Free Livechat integration APP - Community Feedback requested

Dear all,

I want to make an announcement of the APP that we are working on Semilimes for the ERPNext community totally free of charge. This application will be a live chat integrated on ERPNext to let users and guests communicate with agents as any other Livechat module that can be seen on some online shops or services.

Currently we have a public repository for this, where all the new changes are pushed:
Please, have in mind that right now the APP is on a very basic level, so the functionality and design is not well-defined and many changes will be made progressively.

For that reason, I would like that you will give me your feedback, requests, comments or any other input that you want to tell regarding this APP, it is very important for us.

Thank you a lot in advance.

Best regards!


@frahergal awesome. Add screenshots!

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Hi @frahergal,
Great … :+1:

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Hello @rmehta and @shraddha!
Thank you a lot for your comments and to pin my post!

Here I post some screenshots about the current status of the Livechat APP. There is still a big work to do, but we are developing the bases. Our idea is to increase the functionality and the design of the APP by agile development.

It is possible to view the conversation from ERPNext just as in any other module. When the conversations are listed, they will be filtered by the current user, so the conversations are only visible if the user participates on it (is the chat user or the agent). In this case the Administrator can watch any:

When entering on a conversation, is possible to view the history of messages, which are updated in real time just as the same way that a doc is update in real time when an user posts a comment:

From this form is also possible to send new messages:

great feature!
it is becoming popular nowadays inside companies because its faster than email,

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Its really awesome man!

Ruchin Sharma

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Great Feature and great work :smile:

Nishant Jariwala

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Excellent job @frahergal!!!

We here are in the process of making a contact base synchronizable with Google Contacts, next week we start the code.

All the best!!!

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@Mike_Krol @ruchin78 @Nishant_Jariwala @WhiteKarma Thank you to all of you for your comments and support. If you have any comment, request or question just say it, we are currently on the beginning phase of the development :grinning:

@WhiteKarma I wish you also all the best in the development of your project! It is very useful tool what you are planning to develop.

Best regards to all!

I also would like to listen your opinion about one solution that came to me from one member of our team. What do you think about adapting the APP Messages that is already on Frappe to make it work as a Livechat also instead of making another independent APP?
That would lead to make the necessary changes to apply our requirements to the Messages APP on Frappe.


@frahergal & anybody: I wonder what’s the more efficent way to give practical feedback and discuss functionality of the livechat App

here in this topic or through the [issues on your github repository

i always thought erpnext have already live chat, isnt it?

if not then Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat Job and great addition guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

@frahergal depends on what you want to do. The ERPNext chat interface is still pretty raw, but we would love to make it more mainstream and usable.

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@vrms Well, I think both ways are fine for reporting feedback. Of course when is matters of fixing an issue, or request a new specific functionality, I think Github is a perfect place for that. But to discuss some points and talk about what we want to achieve, I think this post is fine.

@ramielian Indeed, it has a chat on the APP Messages, but is something internal, we want to create a Livechat to make that the customers will be able to communicate with the agents from a company from any website.

@rmehta As I said to ramielian, our main goal is to make possible the communication from customers or guests with agents. This means that at first the customer could not be registered on the system, but just looking on the company’s website and ask questions to the agents, who will be ERPNext users. So actually, it differs with the Message APP on that.

@frahergal ok, then the live chat should be added in support form and in sales, to make sales men use it to answer sales queries and make workers / other branches contact support teams :smile: am i right?

i used to have live chat helper ( ) for this before, but its a bit hard to keep up with the bugs in it… and it made some effect on load times.

@frahergal That’s really great idea. Is it possible to make this chat XMPP-complaint?

@frahergal I have installed the livechat and (as you have mentioned) it seems to be very basic still.

Do you have a roadmap of the features you plan to add that could be posted in the repository or do you prefer everybody just throwing feature requests at you?

@ramielian For now we are keeping it as a separate module or APP, but you gave a good point, it could be categorized depending of the customers questions. Thank you!

@strixaluco I don’t know if that would be possible as I don’t have knowledge of XMPP protocol, but maybe someone here can help us regarding this question :smile:

@vrms We are following a progressive agile development, so the features are being developed bit by bit without a detailed definition of the requirements. We wanted to know the opinion of the community to share an useful APP for the most users possible.

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yes, you mentioned that and I think it’s great. So practically if I think something should be done in a certain way I’ll just open an issue then and you’ll probably prioritize those in a meaningful way, right?

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