Free Membership Login/logout Swipe or RFID Card integration Options?

We have setup a non-profit community center, and we are currently having people login on a paper clipboard. We want to added a magnetic type swipe card setup to have people swipe in and out to login/logout.

We provide free memberships to everyone willing to fill out a free membership form.
Everyone who enters the lobby, if they wish to be allowed to go into the community center, must check-in and out.

Many people have asked for a more convenient option to check in/out, like a swipe card or similar setup.

All people, staff and community center members, have unanimously objected to our proposal of a manual typing kiosk login (ERPNext) touch screen or computer keyboard setup.

Most of these people are community center participants, while others are volunteer staff.

There is no money transaction for this process (not point of sale), it is solely for tracking people in and out for insurance liability reporting and similar purposes.

Currently we’re running ERPNext 13.

Are there any options to add a card swipe, RFID, or similar setup that will work with this use case with ERPNext?

Thanks kindly!

You can explore biometric attendance machines.ZKTeco protocol is supported and integrated in erpnext. Integrating ERPNext With Biometric Attendance Devices

This is used for employee attendance. You will have to customize this for your use case