Freelancer = supplier or employee?

trying to get some opinions about whether it is better to treat freelancer (who might be regularly work for you, just not as fixed employees) as Supplier’s or as Employees?

if employee there needed to be a certain status (freelancer) somewhere so they are at least logical separate from regular employees.

what would you suggest?

For us we treat freelancers as suppliers and not employees. Makes it a lot flexible for us.

We also treat freelancers as suppliers, as it suits our workflow much better, but your workflow can be different.

the advantage (whether it works as I expect which I haven’t tried yet) of Employee treatment would be to being able to use recorded “sign in”/“sign out” events to calculate the …

total hours (or days) worked = remuneration due

if you treat as a Supplier on the other hand you have to make this calculation somewhere outside of the system. And then manually input the ‘hours worked’ value in your PINV