Freeze column in reports?

How do we freeze columns in a report? this seem to be a very important feature and not available so far… I think it’s a key usability feature that needs to be incorporated.

Is there a work around until the feature is provided by the platform?

Yes, you can. Go to report builder and pick columns as needed. Then go to Menu > Save As. Enter a new report name. You can get this report by going to report list.

Hope this helps.

Hi Michelle, I am not sure if my question was clear… what I mean is to freeze the first or first two columns so that when we scroll right or left, the frozen columns remain in view. For e.g., in Payable Summary report, we should always be able to see the Supplier name even when we scroll left/right. Just like the way it is in Excel.

Please suggest how to achieve the same.


Hey, you can check the following post to know more about it: Freezing Columns in Report