Freezing Error Snapshot

I use frappe “7.0.22”
erpnext ‘7.0.27’
and when I try to open error snapshot I received freezing page and this error in the firebug
TypeError: str is undefined

@NMyshuk, sounds weird, due I don’t included any statement like this in Error Snapshot.

Maybe instead of firebug, can you try check what is going wrong in the console of Chrome Developer Tools

I think I may have similar issue, but still investigating it.

Thanks for your answer!)

Yes of course. If there is not information which you want please tell me what I should do

@NMyshuk, the references for the templates was missed in the frappe build instruction!

I’ll prepare a patch and report it to the core-developers!

Thanks to report!

@NMyshuk, @luckyismail, I believe that soon the guys will push the fix to the code.

Thanks again

PR: Error Snapshot templates missing in build.json by MaxMorais · Pull Request #1993 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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Thanks for solving!

Thank you :slight_smile: