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Hi Everyone,

I was going over a freight forwarding, Flexport, platform demo (link) and thought it would be useful to build it into the buying module. Everything regarding products, a purchase order is already in our system so why not just stretch it one layer more to shipments.

I’ve started working on it through a shipment doctypes and would love to hear if this would be useful for anyone that’s dealing with lots of freight.


Good to hear that @salar. Word of advice. Make your customisation through an app. This way you can always upgrade your core system.

Am sure many would need it no or later.


Nice thought , is there any further update,
I am a freight forwarder and just installed the erpnext, I am trying to sort out that how to use it for shipping business.

we pick the freight and forward it to the supplier/principle , they move the shipment to other country and we don’t need sales order or purchase orders as it works on contract rates.

how can payable can be sort out automatedly after generating the invoice.

We pick the cargo and generate the invoice, sales order doesnt require,
hand over the cargo to principle/consolidator after adding our margin, they ship the cargo upto the door. How can i know how much is payable shipment wise , classified as per invoice items.

How can i automate the accounting
invoice the customer with my margin , how purchase order can generated automatically based on contract rate.
how can my supplier’s payment sorted out shipment wise.
Sales order or purchase order is unnecessary for us.

Can you please help.


Well an invoice is enough to have automated booking in the payable account, you don’t need a sales order for that.

When about the margin, you could do it

  1. with the “Charges” table. There you can define X% to add on top of the item price. However this way your customer will see your margin.

  2. If you want to add it into the item price, you could define a pricing rule for the item price.

So seems like standard ERPNext functions can be used in your case.

When you open the ledger of your receivable account you can see the open amount for each invoice.

Or… you can define a receivable account for each customer.

Oh sorry maybe I misunderstood your second question.
I don’t know if it is possible to do purchasing and selling in one single Invoice document.
Usually it is done with at least 2 docs: Purchase order / Invoice.

But maybe someone has a solution.

I am new to this community. I am looking to develop freight forwarding software to manage cargo and create documentations to move shipments from point A to point Z.

Suggestion are welcome

If you can drop an email on we can help. We already power end to end workflows with integrated accounting on ERPNext for mid-large sized forwarders since 2+ years…