French Salary Structure


How could I setup a french salary structure with company charges and employee charges ?
Is there someone who already configured one ?


Hi @jodeq,

not sure about France, but do you mean salary deductions where one part is covered by the company and the other by the employee? There is a similar concept in Switzerland for social insurance: e.g. the pension charges are split 50%:50% between company and employee. The salary structure will cover the deduction part (add a deduction item) and book it into the transitory account/against salary. As soon as the effective invoice arrives, you book a journal entry of the inoice against the transitory account as well as against pension expenses.

Hope this helps…

It’s the same principle in France for multiple services like health insurance, there are also deductions with salary is over specific amount.
I have tried to create deduction but I don’t have the expected result.

For accounting in France we should charge specific account for these services (health, retirement, …), is it possible to specify account number in deductions ?


Check the ledger and if the account heads of the desired are not as per desired then:

  1. You can do the Journal Entry later all for the consolidated entries
  2. Or you will have to customize the deductions for your desired result.

What is the expected entries in the ledger for this . ?