French Translations for ERPNext and Frappe Completed

Hi Everybody,

Just a short post to let all interested users know that @qrevel and myself have completed the translations of all sentences available on in French.
Some are not yet merged, but will be with the next translations update I guess.

Even if it is not 100% completed since there are always new sentences added to the system, it should enhance the user experience for french speaking users a lot.
It was a real showstopper for a lot of people as I guess it is also in other languages.

Thanks again to Frappe for making the process so simple!


Awesome @chdecultot!

Je ne connaissais pas ce sous-domaine alors un gros merci pour les efforts et pour avoir partagé. J’irai voir à l’occasion si je peux aider. Merci les mecs.