Frequent Broken Pipe Error

Any permanent fix for broken pipe error? Have checked various forums but not finding anything useful. I have updated the bench. The deployment is on AWS.

Any pointers would be help. Thanks!

Maybe you are running on low memory (?)

Using Amazon EC2 t2.micro instance. What is the memory recommendation for such a landscape?

Depends on your usage! I would try adding swap memory or a larger instance.

I checked the swap space and it was 0, so I set it up with 2GB of SWAP space. But still I am getting the broken pipe. Here is the memory snapshot:

KiB Mem: 1016300 total, 838440 used, 177860 free, 9624 buffers
KiB Swap: 2097148 total, 60676 used, 2036472 free. 66724 cached Mem

Any other pointers to resolve the same.